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Tuesday June 25
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Welcome to Rush-On-Line

A leading distributor of
industrial, home, hobby & repair capacitors


About us

Situated in rural Bedfordshire, Rush Industrial Sales has been supplying capacitors since 1986.  From early beginnings with just motor start and run capacitors we have expanded to include many different capacitor types.  This website shows what is currently in stock - visit again as new values are constantly being added.

In addition to capacitors Rush Industrial carries a range of products specific to the specialised requirements of the electric motor repair industry.  Some of these will be included on the site in due course. 

Through our policy of openness, honesty, and fairness Rush Industrial has built strong on-going and beneficial trading relationships with customers and suppliers alike.  Come and join this network.

Website feedback is most welcome - please email us with any comments, requests or criticisms.

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